Welcome to Move Athletics.  Fresh ideas for your team and your brand.  

We are passionate about a lot of things - dance, sports, yoga, play.  We love our community and living full lives.  

We are also passionate about customer service, attention to detail and loving your company as much as you do.  

Our Move Athletics Signature Line is designed in house and manufactured in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Because

everything that's made in Canada rocks.

                                                            We're so glad you're here.

Hook up with us and you'll enjoy complimentary sizing samples, custom order forms and our in-house graphic

design + art prep department.  We can help you with simple placement of your current logo or full on rock a complete

brand overhaul.





Seriously, you guys are the best!  I am continually impressed at how easy you

are to work with.  Thank you for this amazing experience.

Leanna Svenson, Kirkwood Academy, Nanaimo, BC, Canada





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